Who is VAGA?

VAGA is a site all about pure biohacking. Developed by Brian Johnson, a previous educational scientist and daily life-lengthy bio-hacking fanatic, VAGA aims to publish chopping-edge investigation and functional information on the most up-to-date organic bio-hacking supplements. Although the principle of bio-hacking is extremely broad, VAGA concentrates on a limited choice of nutritional supplements so as to provide a greater practical experience to buyers, also to follow places where VAGA's writers biohacking experts from VAGA have expertise.

VAGA's philosophy is grounded within the scientific process. None of the information on VAGA relies on pseudo-science, "qualified" impression, or inference. Most of the posts revealed on that internet site adhere to strict editorial rules which prioritize scientific accuracy and validity. For nutritional supplement opinions, Every single ingredient is analyzed, and In the event the reviewers can not come across tricky scientific information backing it up, it is actually deemed worthless. By examining bio-hacking supplements in this manner, VAGA has the capacity to provide details that is both of those obtainable and improving focus valuable to any individual wanting to learn more about biohacking, pure effectiveness improvement, and health supplements.


VAGA concentrates on a relatively modest selection of nutritional supplement classes:

Nootropics - Purely natural dietary supplements wich boost measurable aspects of cognitive performance, which include focus, Studying, memory, or temper. Nootropics improve learning, memory and mood without having producing Unintended effects, with out developing dependency, and without posing any extensive-expression well being dangers. VAGA has developed in-depth reviews on Adderall alternatives and energy supplements.

Intestine wellbeing - Gut wellness supplements promote a wholesome Brian Johnson gut microbiome, which subsequently boosts all the things from cognition, immune procedure purpose, and bodyweight management. Due to the intestine-thoughts axis (aka the Vagus Nerve), prebiotics and probiotics can be considered oblique nootropic health supplements.

Learn more about VAGA by visiting the website: https://www.vaga.org.